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CommunityEd Speaker Series

CommunityEd gives Head-Royce students, families, faculty, and staff the chance to learn together. From book clubs to guest lectures, these events enrich our (currently virtual) lives. Each speaker offers a unique perspective on our school year's theme of resilience, well-being, and community connections. Join us! 




Ruth Ozeki Black and White Headshot

Ruth Ozeki 
Author, Zen Buddhist priest  

March 2022

Tim Bono Black and White Headshot

Tim Bono 
Author, Professor 

October 2021

Angela Davis Black and White Headshot

Angela Davis 
Activist, Author, Scholar  

March 2021

Kwame Alexander
Author of The Crossover 

February 2021

Dena Simmons
Activist, Educator

August 2020

Angie Thomas
Author of The Hate U Give

August 2020

Sunisa Manning
Author of A Good True Thai

December 2020

Florence Williams 
Author of The Nature Fix 

October 2020

Howard C. Stevenson
Psychologist, Professor

February 2019

The CommunityEd Speaker Series is brought to you in partnership
with the Head-Royce Parents' Association.